VV TORSO are a post-punk four-piece from Indianapolis, IN.

Morrison, who works as a creative writer, styles himself more as a poet than a song-writer or singer. His verses taking the form of abstract social commentary and descriptions of his own struggles with dependency, disorders, and anxiety. The music was initially conceived as a vehicle for Morrison's poetry while he performed at experimental art spaces. However, the music quickly began to match the violence and intensity of the the words, and the quartet began booking gigs opening for local and touring punk bands. Live, they are all frenetic energy while powering through their intense sets, anchored around the unique delivery of front-man Natty Morrison.

VV Torso has rapidly risen to the forefront of the Indiana "art-punk" scene, performing relentlessly around the punk-bars, house venues, and DIY art-spaces in the region. They've gained a reputation for their blisteringly raw and emotional performances.

"Indianapolis' VV Torso know how to make an entrance. "Boy," the band's new stand-alone single, is a song about toxic masculinity, and its a great introduction. The quartet are making stark post-punk that nails it's message right in with quick sarcastic quips. They don't use a real refrain, it's not pretty, and it's most certainly not comfortable, but it's chilling and catchier than it lets on. Set to release their debut album, LPVV, later this Fall via Jurassic Pop Records, "Boy" is a precursor, something to wet your appetite; a statement that everyone should be paying attention... The focal point of the band's often hypnotic, often abrasive, and always filthy choice of guitar tones and dense rhythms, lies in Morrison's deranged howl." - Dan Goldin [POST-TRASH] 

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