The Sofas

THE SOFAS are a three-piece indie/noise rock band from New York City.

The band began as a personal project for singer-songwriter and guitarist Will Steakin as he moved back home to New York City, but quickly grew with the addition of Dan Lavis (drums) and Myles Peterson (bass). On The Sofas’ first release, “Chop Water,” the band synthesizes internal struggles into blunt and immediate tracks using a palette overflowing with noise pop, shoegaze, art punk, krautrock and post rock — all laced with a pop sensibility. Sugary sweet one moment, angular and vicious the next, The Sofas’ diverse and intense live show has become a staple at NYC venues including Shea Stadium, Mercury Lounge, Sunnyvale, Cake Shop, and The Footlight.

"Whirring guitars find pedal heaven among the many changing shrieks and fuzzes that make up NYC psych slackers The Sofas. With a homey name and a flannel-clad, unshaven appearance, you might expect them to be a little softer—but you’d be wrong. The Sofas are loud. They slip in a solo that could be two decades old, yet sounds completely fresh and thrash their instruments like any good old garage band, but reference in their sound some of the most imaginative bands of the '90s, forgotten by many, like early Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev. Their soon-to-be released LP "Chop Water" promises to take over our ears, at least based on single "Hum," whose video we are premiering below." - Allie Miller [THE DELI MAGAZINE]

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