The Village Bicycle - Fits and Starts

The Village Bicycle - Fits and Starts


Released on red cassette (limited to 100).

THE VILLAGE BICYCLE are a Cleveland indie rock quartet, but they are also (probably) a group of accidental time travellers. Legend has it, they met in-between sets at the side stage of the 1995 Lollapalooza festival, then spent the next two years smoking pot and conversing about feminism and metaphysics, while listening to The Breeders and Cake. During this productive period, they wrote and recorded their debut EP, "Fits & Starts".

Fast forward to the summer of 1997; The Village Bicycle were all inadvertently cryogenically frozen while experimenting with using freezer coils as bass pickups. They were discovered and thawed in the Winter of 2015, picking up exactly where they left off, and releasing their debut cassette as if the last two decades of music and technological advancement never happened.

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