Mid-American - Self Titled LP

Mid-American - Self Titled LP


Debut album from MID-AMERICAN.

Released on white cassette (SOLD OUT).

Opening with the dulcet tones of “King of Nowhere,” Mid-American's
first full-length album brings you in close like a hug, and warms the
listener throughout the album's entirety. The six-member group’s
cohesion is apparent through Mid-American’s unique sound, meshed
together with a delicate and smart balance between rich percussion and
emotionally haunting harmonies. Lyrically, the album strides through a
mist of loss, confusion, and uncertainty. Every song and interlude
clearly creates a mental image of wonder and curiosity, and with
consonant melodies these themes are pushed to the forefront. 
Mid-American brings together distinctive percussion, catchy melodies, 
emotion-laden lyrics, and unparalleled harmonies that will leave you
feeling deeply introspective yet curiously hopeful. [Written by Amanda Larkin]

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