Jade TV - Parallel Moments

Jade TV - Parallel Moments


Parallel Moments is the debut album from JADE TV.

Released on green cassette (limited to 100) [̶S̶O̶L̶D̶ ̶O̶U̶T̶]̶  We found a few more!

JADE TV is the moniker of James Allen [Hoops], who has been quietly releasing his own bedroom recordings on the internet for years. Jade TV is his most ambitious project to date and his first full-length.

Parallel Moments is bedroom/dream-pop maximalism. Lots of intricately looped and delayed guitar licks, soft vocals, and drum machines filtered through a hazy reverb.

"I hope I get to see JADE TV one day. I feel like they created an aural aesthetic that makes me feel like there is a set of sounds that understand me. Sometimes the sounds feel lost. Sometimes they feel hopeful. It feels like a set of sonic vibes that get the human condition...

I think [Essence] is one of the best songs I've ever heard." - CARLES BUZZ (Hipster Runoff)

"There’s something about the juxtaposition of sultry synth and dramatic, intertwining guitar, à la 80’s Indie-poppers The Wake, which makes for an engrossing experience."  - HERO MAGAZINE

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