High School Girls - I'm in Heaven Major Sevens

High School Girls - I'm in Heaven Major Sevens


The first and only record from HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS.

Released on red cassette (SOLD OUT).

Music is serious - At least that’s what your music nerd friends, parents, hip older brother, buzz blog, and know-all critic told you. The mysterious music snobs may shudder at the fact you played in a pop-punk band in high school, but delighted at your enlightenment of jazz and indie-rock in college. Today you’re second-guessing your own stuffy opinions, and coincidentally you found that Weezer’s Blue Album cassette, you listened to repeatedly as a kid, hidden away in a shoebox. Suddenly, there’s a knock at your front door. Thud thud. Thud thud. It’s High School Girls, three dudes playing undeniably catching pop-rock with inviting and relatable narratives. The set up their equipment, and tell you they’re going to play some tunes to cheer you up. The toe-tapping rhythms dive into nostalgic territory where you begin to fathom the feeling (or aura) of actual teenage girls in high school. As High School Girls charmingly play in your living room, you can’t help by dwell on past relationships and those times when fun came naturally. Your arms wiggle free from being cross and you start to dance. When the hand-clap part happens you go with it, and it feels right. After the band finishes their set, they thank your cats for watching from the catch and they all give you a sweaty, embracive hug. Music is serious. [Written by Greg Lindberg]

sold out
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