Faux Paw - Cocktail

Faux Paw - Cocktail

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It’s been almost two years since FAUX PAW’s debut album “Too Close Is The New Too Far”, and they’re back with a new sound and a new EP. They’ve deliberately discarded the Wilco-worshiping alt-country vibes of their previous album and embraced the noisier swagger of their live shows. 

On the new EP, Faux Paw has written a new sort of confessional album. Self-described as "bummer party-music", COCKTAIL, is an album about loss; a brutally honest and humorous portrayal of a band confronting grief and post-collegiate isolationism with self-medication and hedonism. Songwriter, Garret Ney, takes on seemingly sophomoric subjects like sex, drugs, and masturbation with the sardonic self-reflexivity of a Salinger character. His wordplay is typically funny and clever, but more often hints at a deeper cynicism and sadness. 

Meanwhile, the band bounces between influences ranging from Television to Fleetwood Mac with competent ferocity. The rhythm section is tight and melodic, while Gordon Wantuch's guitar cuts through with violent dry-fuzz licks that seem to be played at the listener rather than for them. The overall sound is at once focused and raucous.

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