Broken Light / Earthgrazer - Split 7"

Broken Light / Earthgrazer - Split 7"

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Split release from BROKEN LIGHT and EARTHGRAZER.

Released on clear 7" vinyl (limited to 200).

Droning forces collide with round, moaning melodies on the new split 7" from Jurassic Pop. The new record contrasts label vets broken light with newcomers Earthgrazer, both local fixtures in the West Lafayette music scene. Side one features "Dawn of Nothing," the lead single from broken light's 2012 debut, The Spring Tide. Tactfully balancing twin commitments to songwriting and crowd-pleasing, "Dawn of Nothing" bursts forth as a living testament to how rich and meaningful music can fit into a radio-friendly form. Irresistible pop folds into emotional gloom with perfect balance. Who knew nihilism could be so damned radio friendly? Flipped over, this 7" announces the vinyl debut of ultra-melodic alt-shoegaze heroes, Earthgrazer. With a full-length album (self-titled, 2011) and EP (Believe Us - 2012) under their belts, Earthgrazer seem ready to expand their sound with dramatic flair on "Violet and Hum." Thick dual vocals sit atop a forceful and continuous drone emitted from the rhythm section. When the chorus hits, listeners are transported to a place soft yet frantic, delicate but aggressive. The harmonic moan of the lyrics is a strange and wonderful place. [Written by Eric Taylor]

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