Alex Rand - Sundial

Alex Rand - Sundial

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Available on "Partly Cloudy" vinyl (limited to 25, SOLD OUT), "Clear Sky" vinyl (limited to 100), and green cassette (limited to 50).

Sundial EP now available on cassette!

Debut 7” single from experimental art-popper, Alex Rand. Includes first two singles' “Boyhood Places” and “My Mettle Changes”. Includes download code of whole Sundial EP. Special edition vinyl pressed by Wax Mage. 

ALEX RAND is an experimental-pop producer/songwriter from Montréal, who has recently finished his first solo EP, Sundial, in between recording and touring as a member of the art-rock band LOOK VIBRANT.

According to Alex the record is, "a collection of experimental-pop songs that explore a wide range of lo-fi sonic textures and harmonic colours within the frame of more accessible pop forms and melodies." 

In other words, Sundial is a heady, engaging take on progressive pop music. Alex deconstructs elements of modern pop, R&B, and indie-rock, then carefully reassembles them into delicate and captivating song structures. This is a maximalist approach to pop arrangements that we've been calling "Art&B".

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