POOL HOLOGRAPH is an indie art-rock four-piece based out of Chicago. First conceptualized as a solo recording project by Wyatt Grant in 2010, P.H. has evolved into a full band affair with the addition of Zach Stuckman (bass) and brothers Jake Stolz (drums) & Paul Stolz (guitar), who also play in the Chicago garage-pop group VARSITY.

The band recently finished production on Transparent World, their second LP as a full band. The album is a mix of 60's British invasion pop with fuzzed out syncopating guitars, and Flying Nun style post-punk flourishes

"It’s not just the perfect lo-fi rock construction of these tracks that makes them stand out, it’s the quality of songwriting on display." - THE WILD HONEY PIE

"A vessel of lo-fi rock goodness... Their burly, experimental noise is one that has the ability to make the earth quake with satisfaction." - NEXT NORTHWEST

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