PLATEAU BELOW are an ambitious group of over-educated, under-employed boys from Bloomington IN with a skewed, sardonic take on Americana and a penchant for writing unbelievably impressive psych/folk/doowop records. We like their style, but we wish they would make more than one album every four years.

On Still Paradise:

"[Still Paradise is] timeless... One of the best albums of 2014” - IMPOSE MAGAZINE 

"Still Paradise is the best indie album I've heard so far this year" - SLUG MAGAZINE

“A shining example of what an ambitious and playful band can accomplish... a formidable force of songwriting” - NUVO 

On Sun Don't Shine So Bright:

“There’s an extra bite to “Slithering By” that truly compels... makes for a brilliantly captivating next-step” - GOLDFLAKEPAINT

“A garden gnome hits a stalactite with a hammer and hears the sound of gems.” - VERY SMALL ALBUM REVIEW

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