PHASES (Indianapolis, IN) is a project of former TV GHOST members Jimmy Frezza, Tristan Ivas, and Jackson VanHorn. Joined by Christopher Madsen, the group hasn't completely abandoned the post-punk/goth vibes that made their last band great, but the new songs are darker and moodier - less frenetic and more controlled. Closer to SLEEPERS than WIRE. Frezza and Ivas' guitars have the texture and atmosphere of early SLOWDIVE, while VanHorns's drums are driving as ever, giving the songs a sense of sense of purpose and urgency.

PHASES seems to be an exercise in restraint. A change of pace from musicians that were best known for their nervous, chaotic and sometimes dangerous live shows. The songs on their self-titled EP are all potential energy. Calm on the surface, but with uneasy undercurrent of violence and brutality.