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FASCINATING rose to prominence in the distortion saturated basements and bars of Cleveland, OH. Fascinating is one of many projects led by Ricky Hamilton - founder of the garage rock collective, Quality Time Records. For eight tracks, the band uses their guitars as blunt instruments to bash through 16 minutes of lo-􀃥 power pop with the hyper-drowsy energy of Jay Reatard in the throes of a benzo binge. Lyrically, Fascinating touches on classic punk themes like troubled relationships, apocalyptic hook-up strategies, and telekinetic right-wing pundit murder. You know, typical rock & roll stuff.

Their first record, Dice Game, was released in 2016 on Quality Time Records.

"Fascinating comes at you 100mph with their lower fi post punk that sounds like you are in the best sounding basement in the world. To get a good idea of what Fascinating sound like think of the lo-fi in Connections, the punk of Exploding Hearts and the raw projects over at Southpaw Records." - THE FIRE NOTE 

“Fascinating like their fellow formal friends understand the importance of applying fuzz pedals & the like to a proper pop song yet retaining all aspects & crucial hooks & harmonies... Pure unadulterated infectious illumination - IMPOSE

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