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DAVE SEGEDY is something of an Indiana music demi-god. Although he shows up in numerous awesome projects, he's best known for fronting the incredible Bloomington band Sleeping Bag. He likes basketball, drums, cartoons, cats, and basketball. And drums.

His solo work is pure efficient pop music. Armed only with his drum set, a bass guitar, and his imagination, Dave machine gun blasts listeners with catchy hook-laden songs averaging two minutes a piece. 

"Segedy keeps the guitars scuzzy, crunchy, poppy, and powerful. The amp blasted electric chord utterances remain in the key of alternative, as Dave maintains harmonies instrumentally and vocally that builds brilliantly off the 90s power pop obsessions and more" - IMPOSE MAGAZINE 

"Combines a vocal melody reminiscent of the Beach Boys with overblown guitars that are a little closer to Pixies territory—a deeply casual quality. It’s like listening to your friend’s stuff that they recorded on their four-track after a couple beers, except you don’t have to lie when you tell them it sounds really cool." - EW 

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