BEAT AWFULS (Lexington, KY) is the lo-fi rock and roll project of Boston ex-pat / musical factotum Dave Cave. Here, he is joined by drummer Amanda Sue and bassist (Dr Paul). Although the album "Nothing Happens" is their first full-length release, they have spent the last several years quietly self-releasing several EPs and compilations.

Sonically, it would be tempting to lump Beat Awfuls in with other trendy rock revivalists like Ty Segall or White Fence. But, while their Castle Face cousins draw heavily from 60s psych/pop, Beat Awfuls owe more to troubadors like Neil Young or Lee Hazlewood. Their brand of rock and roll is simultaneously visceral and intimate. Great for long smoke sessions or dangerous motorcycle death-races. The is torch music for medicated youth.

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